Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Some thoughts

Here are some thoughts I had in the past few days.
What is with Don Imus? Or maybe I should say, what is
with white people? I don't recall this kind of
behaviour in the media back in the 70s. THere was
scripted Archie Bunker and Fred Sanford. But these
guys like Imus and Michael Richards letting loose with
their anger is strange. Who ever kept them from doing
anything in their lives? When were they ever chased
out of some restaurant or told to leave a restaurant
because of their skin color? What gives? I saw Borat
this weekend, and the sequence with the frat boys was
enlightening. Well, maybe that's naive. It was odd to
hear what people think, but it always comes out when
they are drunk and feeling relaxed. And now Sharpton
and Jackson have to be involved. So Imus gets
Some white guys are angry because racist
jokes are no longer acceptable. I think its more than
that. I think most of these people just don't like
people who look different than they do. And never
So now the Duke lacross team has been cleared, and the one guy on the news says he is shocked by how the justice system works, and how it must be really bad if you don't have the money to help yourself get out of jail. Welcome to the real world. You guys were accused and judged in the media and in people's minds without a trial. What was it like 100 years ago if you were black and accused of just LOOKIING at a white woman?
Well, that's just my opinion.....
What say you?


Blogger Meagan said...

I like the points that you make in this. I think that the media ends up reporting on only one side and rarely, if ever, reports on any other side. If you are un-informed, it's hard to be "awake" to the idea that there IS another side. That's why I like your opinions. It offers another perspective! Go Martini Man!!!

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