Wednesday, April 04, 2007

April 4 2007 outrage...!

Big anger tonight. Robert Clark, film director was killed early this morning by a drunk driver on Pacific Coast Highway in a head on collision in his car. I am so angered by this incident. I can't understand why people drive when they drink. The guy who allegedgely did this must not have an ounce of sense in his head. And I wonder how much jail time he will do for this crime if convicted? What was he thinking? Was he thinking? This is a tragedy in our time when a creative person is killed like this. This man and his son were taken from us by a person who cannot think for himself and probably only thought about how cool he looked in a big SUV while cruising down the highway.
Overseas, in Iran, the President of Iran, whatever his name is, released the British sailors and marines and made some remarks about Britain and its history in the middle east. Well, I hate to tell the guy this, but the Brits have not really been a power in the middle east since the U.S. kicked them out after they put the Shah in power after getting rid of Mossedegh back in the mid 50s. So what has Iran given us since they kicked out the Shah? Anybody? That's right. Nothing except pictures of people in the streets raising their fists yelling death to white people. I am sure the people of Iran are nice enough, but their leaders are surely wasting a lot of their peoples' time. There is no real economy there except protesting. What are they making to contribute to the world? What are they creating? Is their government letting their artists create freely? No. So what good is their leadership? Why is it that more is coming out of China than Iran? What cars have ever been designed in Iran? What has been designed in Iran in 28 years? If you come up with an answer, write to me, i'll listen.


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